About Bazar Moris

trading platform for agricultural produce

The “Bazar Moris” is an open trading platform, mainly for perishable agricultural produce (Vegetables & Fruits). It is an initiative of the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security operated by the Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (FAREI) together with other partners. This e-Commerce platform aims at providing a modern digital trading facility to the farming community, wholesalers, retailers, transformers, delivery service operators and the consumers among others.


The platform was designed in consultation with stakeholders in agriculture and the farming community. An independent market study confirmed the potential of such a trading platform to the benefit of all operators and the general consumer. The experience of buying and selling through social media during the Covid-19 confinement showed the need for such a tool for the Mauritian agricultural sector.


In the conventional marketing system, requiring an individual to be present, the farmer is unable to be at the market at the time of sale due to attending field activities and other engagements. This also applies to buyers and some service providers who are not able to attend more than one market at a time. Modernising and digitalising trade, in the agricultural sector, is patiently awaited while electronic payment has already paved its way in the Mauritian society. This e-commerce platform facilitates trading practices, as any operators can carry desired activities at their own pace and at their desired time.


This modernised way of trading has numerous benefits for one and all, creating a total independence of operation, transparency of transactions, confidentiality in dealings and much more. Since the commodities are properly targeted and moves from one extreme to the next, the post-harvest quality   and freshness of commodities are not affected as compared to the multiple handling and relatively poor treatment in the conventional markets. Automatically, hygiene and increased self-life is the prime advantages in this new way of selling and buying.

Stay connected with your customers - anywhere, any time, on any device

Whether you are selling, buying, or exposing your agricultural business, all your trading transactions can be handled in Bazar Moris. Create a lasting business relationship through Bazar Moris, our smart e-Commerce solution. Trade now through chat messages with your partners.

Create your own customised e-Shop

Built for the fruits & vegetables sector, your smart e-Commerce platform provides an enhanced trading experience for you and your customers. Instantly adjust prices and availability. Create tailored catalogues, including delivery details for each client. Share your catalogues and promote your products. Advertise special deals for designated periods.

Modernise your business activities with a new tool

Access a larger number of operators to buy or sell your product of interest. Shift your trading activities 24/7 at your own leisure and choose your customers at your own discretion. Build your trading relationship and finalise your sales or purchase either on or off Bazar Moris as per your choice.

Your business confidentiality

Enjoy complete confidentiality while all your information and transaction are restricted to you and your customer only. You have complete freedom to display information of your choice in your profile while keeping other business information fully confidential.

Get assisted to start your e-shop or register yourself as an operator

Register for our ‘Getting Started with Bazar Moris’ training to start using the e-Commerce platform for trading. Create your e-Shop with the assistance of one of our support personnel who will guide through the process and empower you to trade on Bazar Moris. You will be informed about maintaining your trade activities and communicating with partners.

Facilities for Farmers

This platform helps you to manage and grow your business through day-to-day trading optimization. You can now accelerate your business network through Bazar Moris.

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 Sales & order preparation

Sell and have the order details in the palm of your hands, wherever you are, 24/7!
Accept new incoming orders on the go. Use confirmation and invoice automatic preparation for your most trusted customers, so you can keep working on your produce, and let Bazar Moris do the rest!