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Salazie Fresh Vegetable Ltd
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Salazie Fresh Vegetable Ltd has been incorporated in Mauritius in the year 2022. The company is located at Belvedère, Lallmatie and is presently involved in the production and marketing of fresh vegetables and fruits namely brinjal, greens and banana amongst others.


Adress : Samsoondar Road, Belvedère, Lallmatie

Phone : 57606388

E-mail :

Category : Fresh Fruit

Dwarf Cavendish (Petite Naine) Available as green banana Semi-ripen on request only

Date of harvest / availablity :
Available since - 2023-09-01
500 L
Price range
3 MUR - 5 MUR
For any information

The Agriculture department of Medine Group, which is historically linked to the sugarcane

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